Changing the World

Through Building a Firm Foundation in the Families.

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About Us

Mien Family for Christ


Give a deserving couple the opportunity to witness the glory of the Gospel and learn what a healthy marriage should look like!

100% of all donations will go towards providing scholarships to couples. All donations are tax deductible. We thank you for your support and prayers.

  • Our Commitment To Our Partners 
    ♥ We are committed to a Christ focused ministry.
    ♥ We desire that individuals and families conform to living healthy and balanced married and family relationships parallel to the blue print of the Bible.
    ♥ We are committed to ļ¬nancial stewardship.
    ♥ We will provide tax deductible receipt for every donation.
    ♥ We will follow up with you annually to review your partnership commitment to Mien Family for Christ.