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Through Building a Firm Foundation in the Families.

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Mien Family for Christ

Dr. Chao's Testimony

As the founder of Mien Family for Christ and servant of our Lord Jesus, there are not enough words for me to express the gratitude I have received through this ministry.  The first and foremost humbling moment was when a young and sincere married man met me the very first time at the conference. He and his father both tried so hard to finish their corn harvesting season so that they both could attend the conference. In the process of transferring their corn from the field to the corn sheds for storage, the father fell and broke one of his legs, and was not able to make it to the conference.  When the son saw me and found out who I was, he literally could not believe that he was meeting me in a real person. He shook my hand so firmly and rubbed my fingers to be sure that I was real. His reaction and sincere demeanor broke my heart and brought tears in my eyes.

 The second life changing moment was seeing the Holy Spirit touching people’s hearts and setting them free from their emotional and spiritual bondage. Seeing the room and alter be filled of people with tears flowing down on the faces, hands reaching out to God, knees kneeling down, and tongues calling out to God for salvation, healing and forgiveness of sins. There was an abusive man, who stood up to make a public confession and testimony. 

 “My fellow brothers and sisters, please listen to me. I know what I did to my wives were not right. I beat my first wife and she left me. I beat my second wife, and she left me. I beat my third wife and she left me. The wife who came with me to this conference is my fourth wife. I ask you to pray for me that I will be a good man for my wife. What I did was wrong and please do not copy me.”

 This man becomes one of his church elders and attends the conferences regularly with his fourth wife. This type of experience is what fuels me to continue this ministry.