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Mien Family for Christ

Family and Marriage Conferences

Mien Family for Christ is a ministry started to free the Mien people from demonic oppression and tyrannical family traditions. In this disdain society, often the wife is the subject of the husband in marriage. The man paid a large dowry to the bride’s parents to buy her off to become his wife. The bride became property of the man. Often the wife suffers many abuses and cruelty treatments. 

In 2006, a team of Mien in the US launched the first Mien Marriage and Family Conference in Chiangmai, Thailand. This was the first of its kind conference for the Mien people. There were only 120 people registered for the conference. This was anticipated number because the teachings of that conference would contradict the antiquated traditional values held by the Mien people for hundreds of years. At the opening of the conference, the team was challenged to accommodate a 30% increase in registration. Over the next three days, many miracles took place. Demonic chains were broken, marriages were saved, and lost souls were saved. The leaders of the Mien churches in Thailand requested for this conference to be held on an annual basis. Due to financial hardship, the team in the US can only host this conference once every three years. In December 2015, the US team hosted the fourth conference at the Silamanee Resort, Chiangrai. Over 300 people from Canada, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and the US attended the conference. Many of the attendees were non-believers and a great number have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and were baptized at the conference. 

This Mien Marriage and Family Conference is very unique and significant to the Mien people. It focuses on building and strengthening their marriage and family relationships. In their man domineering culture, creating a safe and nurturing environment for couples to gain in depth knowledge of biblical truths about marriage and family is very pioneer to them. The attendees were so hungry to receive practical life applications and being empowered to live a balanced life.  

We thank our sponsors for their prayers and financial supports that make this ministry a success. Most of the Mien live in the remote mountain where they survive through farming. Many have no means of getting themselves into the city for a conference. This conference is a live changing and perhaps a life time opportunity for some of them. Financial support from out ministry partners is essential to sustain this ministry to continue repairing relationship and restoring marriages. 

In an effort to reach our fellow Mien in Thailand, Laos, China and Vietnam, Mien Family for Christ will be hosting three conferences in Southeast Asia in 2018.

Chiangrai, Thailand – December 12-14, 2018 

Hanoi, North Vietnam – December 19-21, 2018 

Saigon, South Vietnam – December 28-29, 2018 

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