Changing the World

Through Building a Firm Foundation in the Families.

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About Us

Mien Family for Christ


The Mien Family for Christ is an international, non-profit-making, and non-denominational organization. Its mission is not only to successfully align marriage and family relationships to the blueprint of the Bible through counseling services and hosting conferences, but also to lead their families to the Lord, develop spiritual leaders within the homes, and become self-sufficient in their daily lives. 


·        Win lost souls

·        Repair broken marriages

·        Restore damaged marriage and family relationships

·        Strengthen marriage and family relationships

·        Equip married couples and families with practical applications to deal with relationship challenges

·        Heal the hearts, minds and spirits of individuals in marriages and families

·        Empower people to live a healthy and balanced life style

·   Develop spiritual leaders in the home and in their churches

   ·   Gain some life-skills to support  themselves and their families


·        Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ

·        Provide practical and biblical teaching and counseling

·        Host marriage and family conferences

·        Provide premarital counseling

·        Provide leadership training to churches

·        Make available resource materials that support marriage and family relationships

·  Educate local villagers in growing and harvesting organic vegetable and fruits

·  Identify and assist local pastors to generate some income to support their family in order to maintain and continue their ministry works through raising healthy domestic animals

·  Provide literacy development in both Mien and English

·  Provide basic health education to maintain daily health and wellness

·  Provide motorcycle repairment training

·  Provide clean water treatment system to local families


The Corner’s Stone of this ministry is our Lord Jesus Christ and our ministry partners. Our desire is to make Mien Family for Christ resources and events available to as many people as possible at minimal or no cost. The majority of the people served by Mien Family for Christ are those living in poverty. Mien Family for Christ is not a selfsupporting organization. We mainly rely on the grace of God to touch the heart of people, like you, to provide the financial support needed to carry out the works of this ministry.